Sammie Walker

sammie-handstSammie is a World Wide Yoga Alliance and British Wheel of Yoga 200 / 500 -hour accredited teacher and teacher trainer and has created a contemporary way of teaching yoga, a style which incorporates all the elements of a traditional yoga practice, but which is taught in a refreshingly light hearted, positive and modern way with the individual in mind. She has worked with over a thousand clients during her 17 years practicing and teaching yoga. As well as working with a very wide range of influential and inspiring teachers in all styles of yoga.

Sammie also has extensive experience in identifying and working with particular stresses and strains that can be caused by a lifetime spent at work or through sports that require repetitive actions. As we age repetition in stillness or as an athlete can often manifest itself in pain or stiffness in the hips, neck and back.

Through cultivating an individual Yoga practice suited to your own physiological and bio-mechanical blueprint, Sammie’s goal is to have you understand your own body so well that you can take what you learn in class and adapt and apply this to your life on a day to day basis. Ultimately this can lead to an intelligent mind and body connection from which a whole new understanding and appreciation of your body can emerge and reducing visits to medical practitioners too!