Class Descriptions

Karma teachers have their individual approach to classes, they will guide and encourage you to safely find your individual approach to enjoy yoga.

The goal is never a peak shape, it is to move freely, have fun and feel good.



All Abilities
Yoga for everyone to enjoy! All welcome from absolute beginners to seasoned yogi’s. Explore intelligent movement by linking body, mind and breath.

Yoga calmly links postures with breath flow, this moving mediation steadily builds heat, endurance, flexibility and strength. Also known as Vinyasa.

Dynamic Flow
Yoga for vinyasa lovers looking for a physical challenge. Expect strong posture playtime to build strength, stamina and energy.

Yoga practiced in dry heated room, explore postures to create heat in the body to deepen flexibility and focus. Expect a mind and body challenge. *

Yoga to develop inner-peace, compassion and wisdom. Gentle postures to release tension, lead to guided meditation

Yoga providing balance and harmony. Gentle yet intense long-held postures, target deep connective tissues.

Yoga release, relax and renew through bliss-producing postures using supportive props. Enhanced with soothing music and aromatherapy.

Yoga postures aimed to improve conscious awareness, tone and strength of abdominal, pelvic and spinal muscles, central for all intelligent movement.

Yoga postures structured into recognised sequences. This challenging practice can become meditative as you discover your individuality in the process.

* Hot Yoga is not suitable for all, caution advised for people with health problems including hypertension, seek advice from Karma if you have concerns.

No equipment necessary.

Open plan changing area, valuables can accompany you into class.