All classes at Karma are a bespoke interpretation of Yoga instruction. At Karma we call this Limitless Yoga.

Limitless Yoga was developed by studying the most effective elements of all modern
and traditional Yoga techniques. Limitless provides a balance and combines elements of Hatha, Sivananda, Iyengar and Ashtanga Vinyasa styles. No two classes are the same and therefore lessen repetitive strain. This will help keep your body and mind alert.

We will simply teach you how think carefully, before moving, and should you be inactive in your work, or repetitive in your fitness regime, we will show you a technique that will get your body moving in a way that allows it to flourish. No previous knowledge is required. Only an open mind!

Why choose Karma?

15 years of experience brings a unique insight into the ways Yoga can assist you during your working day, physical activity and life in general. Such wear and tear can manifest itself in back trouble, stiffness in joints, repetitive strain injury and a host of other common complaints. We will show you the impact of this on your body and teach you how to control your body using Yoga to self heal. With this knowledge you will be able to keep your body functioning at its optimum.

There can be few things more soul destroying than embarking on a recommended exercise regime only to find it’s too difficult because it’s not been tailored to your prevailing state of mind and body. There is however a way of achieving a healthier more supple body, and a positive outlook that is both enjoyable and uplifting.

Most people who come to Yoga generally do so for one of these reasons:

  • To complement and enhance existing exercise programs.
  • To ease the pain of injuries that they ‘carry’ from their chosen sport.
  • and most commonly to relive pain either from a sporting injury or from work or life-style related repetitive strain injuries.

You will be taught by World Wide Yoga Alliance and British Wheel of Yoga teachers. All Karma teachers have attained the 200 hour or 500 hour teacher training accreditation.

Different styles of Yoga

Hatha yoga is the umbrella from which all yoga styles derive from. Typical classes would contain the emphasis of breath and opposites. For example, for every backbend there will be a forward bend. Every inhale the body extends to bring in prana (breath), light and heat. In turn this is followed by a pose (asana) with thought, stillness, introvert, wisdom and a pacifying energy, whilst still expanding. When practiced on a deeper level, the Yogi’s mind is fully focused on the coming out of a pose as well as going into one. One can then become aware on a subtle level that even in a pose which can appear to be “still” such as the pose of a Tree, there is strong connection to the ‘internal works’ of muscles, cells, energy movements and emotional aspects of each and every pose. Stillness and awareness is therefore very much the emphasis in a daily Hatha yoga practice. This style of yoga best describes a lot of what is taught today certainly at a beginner’s level.


In this style of Yoga the emphasis is on the positive thinking and meditation (dhyana), breath control (pranayama), deep relaxation (savasana), proper vegetarian diet and mantra chanting (laya yoga). Sivananda is best suited to those who enjoy a more philosophical and traditional approach to Yoga


Developed by B.K.S Iyengar, this style incorporates the extensive use of props and attention to perfect internal and external alignment, with the intent to create healing and therapeutic sequences and poses. Unlike other yoga traditions Iyengar chose to introduce the pranayama (breath control) only when a student had ‘mastered the asana (poses). The emphasis here is on what a pose will achieve in balance within the body when linked to another, rather than how they link together. I love Iyengars’s ethics on adaptation for his pupils!

Ashtanga Vinyasa

The great Pattabhi Jois created the most dynamic of styles, Ashtanga. This rigorous system of asana (poses) flow promotes strength, flexibility and stamina. This series is a set sequence of poses linked by breath, based around sun salutations. This creates heat in the body in order to cleanse and purify. The first ‘primary’ series focuses on forward bends, then the progression to secondary etc offer increasingly more difficult backbends, arm balances, twists and so on.

One to One Sessions
We offer private one to one or group tuition tailored specifically to your needs.

Cost per hour for:
1 person –  £55
2 people  – £65
3 people  – £75
4 people – £85