Our class styles

Yin Flow

More gentle practices consisting of specifically chosen poses that rejuvenate and promote flexibility, energy and a positive mind.


Suitable for all abilities.

Uplifting Flow

Guaranteed to help combat depression, release tension, and leave you feeling radiant. A perpetual slow flow of postures to ease mind and body. Perfect to get all your joints moving gently.


Suitable for all abilities.

Cardio Flow

For those who enjoy a cardiovascular yoga practice. Promotes stability, strength and a powerful mind and body control whist flowing from one pose to another.


Suitable for those with yoga experience.

Yin for Relaxation

Yoga providing balance, harmony and relaxation. Gentle long held, floor based postures. A tranquil and peaceful class, designed to promote calmness and balance of mind and body.


Suitable for all abilities.

Stretch and Unwind


Allows you to disappear from the stress of daily life whilst encouraging mobility, and a positive mind. Great for stress relief and tension.


Suitable for all abilities.

Private Tuition

Develop your practice with one-to-one tuition in your own home. Alone, with a loved one or as a group. Contact us for more info.