A unique tranquil space perfectly located in the heart of Douglas.

At Karma you have the choice to attend beginners, intermediate or advanced level classes. Non-members are welcome to attend any of the classes on the schedule.

Courses continuously run for complete beginners to understand and learn the fundamental basic of yoga.



2nd Floor
9–11 Duke Street
Isle of Man

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Class descriptions

Uplifting flow

A boost of energy, this class is guaranteed to help combat depression, release tension, and leave you feeling radiant.

A perpetual slow flow of postures to ease mind and body.

Stretch and unwind


Allows you to disappear from the stress of daily life whilst encouraging mobility, flexibility and a positive mind.

Great for stress relief and tension.

Uplifting Hatha

A more traditional ‘Hatha’ style class designed to promote mobility and energy. This class will leave you feeling more flexible and positive.

Yin Flow

A pick me up. Practices specifically chosen poses that rejuvenate and promote flexibility, energy and a positive mind.

Hot Yoga Flow

Yoga practiced in dry heated room. Explore postures that create heat in the body to deepen flexibility and focus.

Expect a mind and body challenge.*


Yoga providing balance and harmony. Hold gentle yet intense floor based postures to target deep connective tissues. Tranquil and peaceful, yet mind challenging too.

Traditional Hatha

A more traditional Hatha Yoga class. with the focus on alignment in recognisable, Asana. Including more standing postures. A Mindful practice, incorporating Pranayama and thought provoking philosophy.

This class will inspire all levels of practitioner from a novice, to the well practiced yogi.

Flow for Core Strength

This session will promote stability, strength and an essential awareness to your core muscles through flowing sequences. Build strength, stamina and stability.

Stretch and Breathe

Gentle stretches and postures followed by a seated yoga breathing practice (Pranayama).

Book a class online here

All classes must be booked in advance at least 30 minutes prior to start time.

Please refer to schedule for information on which level may be suitable for you.

Please seek advice from us if you have any concerns.

We have an open plan changing area and valuables can accompany you into class. No equipment necessary.

*Hot yoga is not suitable for all. Caution is advised for those with health complications such as hypertension.