Studio Policy

Membership & schedules

The Karma Live current timetable is available at Timetables are subject to change at any time, although Karma will endeavour to contact those members affected if a class is cancelled or rescheduled. This is predominately the reason we ask you for contact details, rather than the purpose of sending promotional content.​ We do operate a reduced schedule on some Bank Holidays.

Karma does not charge an annual membership fee. By signing up to a monthly membership you are demonstrating a commitment to us to gain benefits of reduced class fees. VIP memberships require a minimum of six months commitment without penalty for cancellation (£35).

All cancellations must be given in writing, or an administration fee of £35 will incur. Similarly, refunds will not be given for ‘time unused’. It will be your responsibility to cancel your membership or session.  Due to data protection we are not allowed to do this for you as staff do not have access to your payment information or personal details. Refunds cannot be given if you forget to cancel. Courses and events are normally pre-paid in advance and are also non-transferable or refundable once purchased. Karma also reserves the right to promotional offers to non-members

Your practice & health

Our staff have been well trained in adapting to teaching online since the outbreak of Covid-19. It is important to listen carefully to instructions. At the risk of injury, never try to practice an unfamiliar pose without first practicing the appropriate preparatory poses or without the assistance of a teacher present if attending a face-to-face class. 


It is your responsibility to make Karma aware of any medical conditions or physical problems which may restrict your practice. Please always make your teacher aware in advance of attending class if you are suffering from any physical or emotional problems. ​Some styles of yoga are not advisable for those suffering from the following conditions: High or low blood pressure, neck or back injuries, hernias, glaucoma, epilepsy, and hypertension. Holding inverted poses such as head or shoulder stands at length should be avoided during menstruation.


​Clients who have undergone surgery recently and pre or postnatal ladies are NOT advised to practice physically demanding forms of yoga. We advise you refer to your GP for advice if you are unsure about participating in a session. Karma cannot be held responsible for ANY personal injury sustained during a class. Please choose a class that best suits your ability.



It is NOT advisable that you participate in a general yoga class in the first trimester of pregnancy, even if you have some experience. After this time, you may participate at your own risk. We also advise that you wait until after your 3-month post pregnancy check before practicing yoga.​ Care should be taken when practicing backbends. Avoid any pose which compresses the abdomen. Refrain from practicing rapid diaphragmatic breathing. Inverted poses such as shoulder stands, headstands and arm balances should be avoided, although raising legs from laying on your back is safe. Forward bends and twists often aggravate nausea. Strong twists may briefly interrupt the circulation in the pelvic region and should also be avoided.