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8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th September

The Flexible Mind
4-Week Online Course 

A unique and innovative yoga course, specifically designed to support mental health. Open to anyone who may be suffering from developmental trauma, anxiety or stress, the class will consist of a distinctive blend of body work, breath work, mediation, and creative exercises to help cultivate and maintain a balanced state of mind.


It has been long since known that stress is carried in the body, which yoga can provide relief from. This course is not only about relieving the body of stress, but also the mind. This four-week course will concentrate on the cross-over, where the mind meets the body, and allow you to gain knowledge and understanding of your physical and mental self, therefore equipping you with a powerful healing tool.


Along the way, you will learn tools to help ease mental stress and anxiety and enable you to discover and understand who and why you are. The Flexible Mind four-week course will be a deep, opening, and freeing experience which will equip your mind with the flexibility to move forwards through everyday life.


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One-to-one Yoga Sessions

For one-to-one tuition for individuals or groups outside of our regular class timetable, please contact us for details.