World Yoga Alliance 200h Teacher Training Program


Limitless Yoga is a non-judgmental, compassionate teacher training program taught by teachers who are intuitive to the needs of every client. Our teachers are warm and accommodating to all clients regardless of age, size or ability and teach with humility to inspire, encourage, uplift. Our teachers have gathered knowledge from traditional and contemporary sources of yoga styles to keep practice engaging, mind challenging and physically beneficial.


On this teacher training course you will be taught on a one-to-one basis, ensuring that you receive supportive and encouraging training that will give you the confidence to stand out in a competitive market.


Upon completion, you will receive a Worldwide Yoga Alliance 200 hour or the additional 250 hour accreditation as a Limitless Yoga Instructor which will enable you to teach across the world and become a trainer of teachers.


This course will provide you with the ability to commence teaching confidently immediately and begin developing your skills as a yoga teacher. You may also simply choose to use the course to deepen your knowledge of yoga and its mental and physical benefits.


Having taught many courses I have found that most participants benefit greatly when they immerse themselves in a more intensive environment. This time frame can be discussed to suit your schedule if the required hours and course itinerary are completed.




Prior to the course you would be required to have been practicing yoga for a minimum of 1 year. It is beneficial to attend 35 yoga sessions within the space of 6 to 8 weeks in advance of the start of the intensive part of the course. This means logging these attended sessions which are taught by at least 3 different teachers. Proof of class attendance must be given such as a signature from your teacher or email to me directly. 


A diary must be kept with notes during these sessions and will be a beneficial topic of conversation and discussion at the commencement of your course. You should be constructively critical in your notes—what would you change? How could you deliver in a way that would enhance your classes? What did you enjoy? Did the clients fully understand and connect with the teacher?

If you are interested in our teacher training or would like more information, please contact us via email at or on +44 (0) 7342 106430

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One-to-one Yoga Sessions

For one-to-one tuition for individuals or groups outside of our regular class timetable, please contact us for details.